Om att våga ta steget

Idag skrev jag ett spontant Facebookinlägg som jag tänkte dela med er här, lite om hur det känts för mig den här tiden som vi nu varit på Shetland. Att våga följa sina drömmar och sitt hjärta, tycker jag är jätteviktigt och något jag själv kommer fortsätta jobba med. Ja, jobba med mig själv helt enkelt, mitt liv. För det är nu.
Moving to Shetland was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. How many times during these past months have I thought ”why did I do it?”, ”This is too hard, Im not meant for doing things like this”.. But then I always remember why I did it. My heart told me to do it, to follow my dream about a different life for myself, and for us as a family, for our children. And even though I, and we as a family, have had so many hard times during this year, which has sometimes made me feel really low, not been able to leave the house, not been able to meet people/socialise in the way I wish I could – I still believe I am meant for things like this. I think we all are meant for doing things we dream about but still scares us a little, if it doesn’t it may not be worth doing! We have to live our own life. Follow our own dreams. Now Im looking forward, feeling stronger and better and I will never forget what really made me make the final decision, the record by the palliative nurse of what people regret most with their lives, where no 1 was: ”I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”. Let’s never forget that. Let’s not say that on our deathbed. I know some of you back home dont share my thoughts and thought it was wrong of me to go but I hope you will understand. I will continue to follow my heart and try to make myself happier and my life better, all the time. And even on rainy and stormy days like today when it’s really hard to even open the car door, I love Shetland.

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  1. De flesta vågar inte ta ett sådant stort steg. Ni gjorde det! Allt har ett pris men belöningen kommer. Nu vet ni att ni vågat. Hade det känts bra i Kungsbacka nu? Förmodligen inte. Lycka till!!

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